Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Blaze...

Well, TC and I decided to buy a car today. We had only planned on looking...didn't take the checkbook or the title to TC's Chevy S10. After we dropped my car off at the Nissan house for it's 60,000 mile tune-up, we looked at the Muranos there. TC thought that there was a Saturn house close such luck. So, we ended up at the Chevy house. And a few hours later, we got one of the demo TrailBlazers. Now, here's an exciting part: it's got a third row and the second and third rows both fold down if we need that extra trunk space. Woo hoo!!!

The salesman was very friendly. He and I hit it off very name was the same as his mother and daughter's and his name was the same as my dad's. Interesting! He also got the thumbs up from me when he started filling out paperwork and put TC's and my name on the papers.

The Blaze Posted by Hello

We have to take it back on Monday for them to fix some of the stains on the seats. They gave us a bit off the price because it's a demo but after we were through with financing, the salesman said he would get the stains and such fixed anyway. So, TC'll get a loaner on Monday while this one's getting all fixed up.

Now, let's hope that we'll need this extra space in the near future...

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