Monday, June 27, 2005

First Ultrasound

I'm having my first ultrasound today. Well, it's not actually my first one...I had several at the two different ERs I visited with my miscarriage.

I had a few scares this weekend, so I called to request another blood test before my appointment tomorrow. I'm thinking it will ease my mind if we can discuss the results at my appointment instead of waiting until Wednesday and getting the results over the phone. The sweet nurse, Carol, said that she thinks I'm far enough along to be able to see something. I know that it's too early to hear the heartbeat, but we might be able to see it. And if we can't tell anything by the ultrasound, we'll go ahead with the blood test. Either way, I'm going to be giving some blood today or tomorrow! Gosh, I sure hope something good happens just to make me feel better.

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