Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Free Credit Report!

Umm...that sounds like this is going to be spam...but it's not!

Today, June 1st, is the third phase (open to all Southern States) of allowing everyone in the US access to their credit report. For free! My husband, TC, has been getting his credit reports from all three reporting agencies once or twice a year since we bought the house in 2001. It's probably because when we first tried to get approved for a loan, the bank called us and told us we had been denied due to a foreclosure on my husband's account. Now, neither one of us have ever had a late payment on anything and we didn't rack up huge credit card debit. TC was MAD but we finally figured it out. The lady at the bank kept looking at our reports and said that we both had too high of a credit score (that's good) to have this foreclosure. Well, it appears that some bonehead doing the research only matched records on name and not social security number. Once they realized that even though my husband and this other guy had the same name, they didn't have the same social. Whew! But, TC checks it regularly to watch out for weird stuff.

It looks like all is good with my credit.

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