Friday, June 10, 2005

Honey, I'm Home!

I just got back from my annual well woman exam. How fun to go in there and tell them I had a positive HPT! The doc told me that I "have pregnant boobs, girl!" He sent me to the lab to get some blood drawn...they're going to check my hormome levels and tell me how far along I am. I'm thinking it's 3 or 4 weeks...still very early.

When I got back home, TC, his aunt and his niece went all out to welcome me. TC got me a big arrangement of daisies, his aunt got me a beautiful Willow Tree Angel...the one of the woman holding her pregnant belly (her name is Cherish) and his niece wrote the most beautiful card. TC also got me a super adorable classic Pooh teddy bear. Yes, I cried!

Now, as my sis (and me, too!) prays every night:

Hold on Tight, Little Pebble!

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