Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Playing House...

Sometimes, I wish I didn't have to be an adult. We're getting a new roof today! What a grown up thing to do! There was a huge hail storm in our area last summer and almost all of the houses around us got new roofs. Ours fortunately (maybe) was spared and the inspector didn't find any damage. Since then, we've had two leaks in the kitchen...but not too bad. We saved some money and we're ready for the roof now.

The roofer left the materials in our driveway yesterday. He told us last week that they would drop off the materials and about two days later, start on the roof. He also told us that we would need to remove things from the walls and take breakables off shelves that were attached to the wall. Vibrations from the hammering...

TC assured me last night that there was no way they'd be coming today to start the roofing, so we didn't do anything with our pictures, china and crystal in the built-ins, etc. You see where this is going, right?

This morning, just as I was finishing packing my lunch, the roofer calls. He's finishing up the current project much faster than expected and they can start on our roof today if we'd like. Sure! Forty-five minutes and several piles on the floor and tables and several spider webs later, I got all the stuff moved. There's nothing like a little manual labor in the morning to wake you up!

Guess who'll be putting it all back up?

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