Thursday, June 30, 2005

Things I'm Learning...

  • Dasani with Lemon is no longer a good thing!
  • Lunch must be eaten very slowly and with the thought that, "I'll feel better after some of this gets to my stomach."
  • Sweets are just not going to do it for me. Now that's mean!
  • Gingersnaps? They're ok...probably just one when I feel the need for a little tummy calming moment.
  • Ginger ale, on the other hand, is fabulous!
  • Did I mention that it's mean that most sweets just sound terrible?
  • There's no way I'm going to gain any extra weight if I keep feeling like this.
  • I know I'll feel better by dinner time.
  • Just about any kind of food can bring on a sizeable case of heartburn.
  • It'll all be worth it in the end...

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