Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Disturbing Article

An article on MSNBC has stirred up alot of feelings on some message boards I'm involved with. She basically writes that pregnant women shouldn't needlessly worry about the health and welfare of their unborn children. That in most cases, regardless of what the women do during their pregnancy, they will end up with a healthy baby 40 weeks later. Unfortunately, she alienated an entire segment of the population who can never have a pregnancy again without some fear (healthy anxiety) about the health of their yet-unborn child.

She replies to her article in her blog. Unfortunately, I don't think she really understands or gets why there are so many ladies unhappy with her article.

I completely understand that the less worried (and stressed) you are, the better it is for the baby. But some of us have lost our innocence when it comes to a completely carefree pregnancy.

Why in the world has this article bothered me so much?


Anne said...

i think it's totally normal for you to be more sensitive to things like this. You've been through a lot and really, only people that have had a similar experience, have any knowledge on how one should and or will feel about it.

eyeball_715 said...


by the way, anne is my cousin, so that's how she found your bloggity-blog =)

snarflemarfle said...

I knew you were related some how! I mean, you had posts about making pickles the same weekend! How many crazy people could be making pickels at the same time?!?