Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Just a Little Spill..

So, am I the only one that worries about what others are thinking of me or what they might be saying? An example of this was when I took my ginger ale to Bible Study a few weeks ago. I was all worried that one of the girls would ask me if I were pregnant, or they’d start talking behind my back about whether I was pregnant or not.

I try to remind myself that other people are worried about their own stuff and what others might be thinking about them….they’re too busy to worry about me.

Ok, to the story…

I smashed a bug on my office wall again today. I’ve found one or two little bugs probably every other day for the last few weeks. I asked B, our secretary, who we needed to call to get an exterminator to come out (yes, mom, I used the right word…not bug terminator!). She said she would put in a request to physical plant and they’d come right out. Well, then that freaked me out. The following freaky exchange took place:

Me: “Wait!!! Don’t have them…um…I can’t be…um…”
B: looking at me weird
Me: “Have them come on a Friday…um…it gives me a headache.”

I walked back into my office all flustered. I wasn’t sure that B understood how extremely important it was that they do the bug spraying over the weekend so I don’t have to breath the fumes. I decided I was just going to tell her on our way out to our cars.

Me: “Sorry I got all weird about the bug spray thing.”
B: “No problem! It bothers me, too. Gets in my throat and…”
Me: apparently with a strange look on my face
B: “Do you have good news???”
Me: “Ummmm”
B: “You’re a terrible liar!”

I went on to tell her it was still early, only 8 weeks and for obvious reasons we weren’t telling too many people. She then goes on to tell me that last week she and the boss, P, were talking about it. P was sure that I was pregnant again because I was exceptionally happy for the last few weeks. Then she tells me that the guy that works in our area suspects it, too! Apparently, my complaining about being cold clued him in…as well as my complexion that has changed. He was noticing my complexion? I’m not even sure if he notices me walking past his desk sometimes!

So much for people being too worried about their own selves!

I’ll tell P tomorrow and I know she’ll just be ecstatic. It’ll be nice to have a few people in on my secret. Only 4 more weeks before we can tell everyone.

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