Thursday, July 28, 2005

How lazy are we?!?

At each entrance into the building here at the school where I work, we have those automatic handicapped doors. You know...the ones where you push a button and the doors open for you. They're pretty handy for those people that truly need them.

And on occasion, I suppose they could be handy for people that have their hands full and are loaded down with bags, books, lunch for the whole office, what have you.

What gets me are the perfectly competent people that push the button to open the doors simply so they don't have to do the work! Now, I understand that some people have disabilities that may not be visibly obvious. That's not really what I'm talking about.

It's the very well dressed lady in 4 inch heels talking on her cell phone that can't be bothered to open the door during her conversation so she uses the auto-open feature.

What about the guy yesterday that was talking on his cell phone and was obviously bored with the conversation since he would push the button, watch the doors open, let the close, then push the button again.



Betsy said...

It's those damn cell phones! :D

Really though, I have noticed the laziness of people (including myself) lately. The other day instead of walking over to the TV to change the channel, I got up of my couch and walked over to my desk (other side of the room) to get my remote to change the channel. How sad is that.

Anne said...

well, i will admit to having used those very same doors on occasion. I'm telling you tho, with me it was all about sanitation. I could reach up and kick the button with my foot and then not have to touch the filthy, disease-laden, handles. Jen'll vouch for me.