Saturday, July 30, 2005

Whatta Deal!!!

Don'tcha just love a good deal? Let me tell you about what we found today!

I bought my first real piece of maternity clothing...a swimsuit! I had heard that Old Navy was having a sale on their maternity swimsuits, so TC, his parents and I went to Old Navy. TC was just sure that we were going to see someone we knew while I was perusing the somewhat small maternity section. We didn't. Anyway, I tried on the suit and it fit pretty well...except for it being a bit too big in the tummy...go figure. The price tag said $29.75 and there was an orange sticker that was marked at $11.99. Woo hoo! A little more than 50% off. Excellent! I got up to the register and, with tax, my total was $7.55!!! Martacular!

After that, we went to a local jewelry store because TC's dad needed a new battery in his watch. The mall where we went was having a sidewalk sale. TC noticed a Waterford crystal box and he thought that there might be a chance that it was a piece from my nativity set that TC started for me. I only have Mary, Joseph and Jesus. So, he looked closer and yes, it was one of the wisemen. I saw two more boxes that were the other two wisemen. They were all marked down 75%! Happy early anniversary to me!

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