Monday, August 01, 2005

Bad Combination...

I love doesn't love me back. However, if I dress it up with lots of milk and other stuff (and drink decaf and/or a low acid coffee) it doesn't leave me in gastrointestinal distress. So, that being said, I love Starbucks! More specifically, I love the Caramel Macchiato. And yes, I get it with skim milk and decaf. They're just so dang expensive!

Here's where the bad combo comes in:

  • There's a Starbucks being built on a corner next to our church...I happen to drive by it every Thursday morning after Bible study...and I would have plenty of time to stop by and get a yummy delight on my way to work.

  • TC's mom (I just don't want to call her mother-in-law because of the general bad connotations with that. I just love her to pieces!) got a Starbucks gift card as a thank you gift and she doesn't do Starbucks. TC tried to talk her into going and buying a very premium ground coffee to take back home with her, but she didn't want to do that. I ended up with the card.

  • So, I now have a Starbucks card and easy access to a Starbucks at a time when there is plenty of time to get coffee and get to work on time. I might just have to try the Chantico™ Drinking Chocolate. Doesn't that sound yummy? Drinking your chocolate?


    christ*el #3tx said...

    *sigh* we lose another one to the giant corporate monster... McStarbucks.

    so sad.

    snarflemarfle said...

    christel, you got somewhere here in OKC that's got a good cup 'o joe?

    one hot 'sista said...

    It's actually quite good. Very rich....could be a topping over ice cream. You probably can't finish the whole thing (because I know how you are, that's why), but you could probably finish about half of it.

    christ*el #3tx said...

    i'm in amarillo. and i still havent found a decent cup of joe.

    i have mine imported... from the roaster where i used to work.