Friday, August 19, 2005

Happy Anniversary!

Five years ago at this very time, TC and I were in the middle of a HUGE party...and I had adjusted my headbanded veil 50 times at least. We were at our wedding reception!

I'll have to go through our wedding pictures tonight and reminisce.

My husband is the most wonderful man in the world (and yes, I'm biased). He is wonderful and he makes me laugh! He can even make me laugh when I'm sad...he has such a knack for these things. Now, sometimes he makes me laugh when he's not trying. I try not to laugh too much at him...just with him! Ask me later about the Oklahoma Quarter story.

I'm so glad he's getting in from Seattle tonight.

Oh, wanna know what we got each other? Just for reference the traditional 5th Anniversary gift is wood (I am not going there) and the modern gift is silverware.

I got TC a wireless network router that is much better and much faster than our old one. What? That's what he wanted!

And his gift to me? He purchased the flowers for the Lord's Table at church on Sunday. What a sweetheart! I thought about doing that, too, and just never got around to it. I'll have to take a camera and take a picture.

So, there. Happy Anniversary!!! I love you, babe!


Jen said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a wonderfully romantic evening:-)

That quarter story has peaked my curiosity. Do share!

Anne said...


Betsy said...

Happy Anniversary!!

One Hot 'Sista said...

Yup, and after the two of you left, there was even more wine and eating....and then I had to leave to go back to the valley of holy-crap-it's-hot!!

Sarah, Cayley and Maddie said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!