Friday, September 02, 2005

16 Week Appointment

Weight: +1 pound (that makes a grand total of .5 pounds gained!)
Blood Pressure: perfect
Baby's Heartbeat: 162 bpm and nice and strong

So, the appointment today went wonderfully well! I'm so excited to hear the little heartbeat again. We've got our request into the insurance for the ultrasound, so they'll call me next week and we'll schedule it.

When the doctor was checking the size of my uterus, he said it was just perfect. I asked him exactly where it was and he helped me find it. What a strange sensation to feel that sticking up into your belly!


Betsy said...

Yay! I am so glad!

Mrs. Flinger said...

I loved hearing her heartbeat. That's real, hon! It's such a great feeling to know there's a whole person with a different heart and new blood. Oh, I'm going to get all mushy... :-)

Anne said...

The hearbeat is almost better than the sono...

PS Thanks for the donation advice! :)