Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Well, we're officially registered for a childbirthing class at our hospital. That's a little scary to think about!

We decided to go for the one-night-a-week for 5 weeks deal (it's actually over 7 weeks but they skip two weeks in the middle for the holidays) instead of the two-Saturday deal. The Saturday sessions are 9am - 4pm and the once a week ones are 7pm - 9pm.

I think maybe I'm trying to prolong the classes just because all of this is so exciting. But really, I don't do very well in all day sessions where I have to listen to someone talk. I usually end up with a terrible headache.

So, that's that.

Oh, and I just found a nice goat hair on my neck. Where is my mirror?

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Anne said...

we did the classes too but found them amost completely worthless. Attended the first. Left halfway though the 2nd, and skipped the last. If you took biology in college you too will be bored out of your skull. And, if you wind up having an emergency c-section (like me) it was a real waste of money! (the classes that is). This said, the breastfeeding class was very useful (if you do choose to nurse).