Monday, October 17, 2005

Observations from Homecoming

1. For those of you that this applies to, if you didn't go to Homecoming this year, you didn't miss much. I thought it was kinda blah this year.

2. The reason it was blah is because YOU WEREN'T THERE!!! I understand that everyone had a good reason (class, honeymoon, can't take another weekend off work, no more hotel rooms), but I really missed seeing all of you there. And even though we don't usually spend every waking minute of homecoming with each other, there's something to knowing that you're in the same town as me...possibly on campus. It's comforting. Kinda like when we were in college. Even though I couldn't see you, I knew you were just down the hall (or hiding somewhere in our messy room!).

  • Football tickets: $5

  • Club T-Shirt: $12

  • Baby shirt at the bookstore: $14

  • Knowing your best friends are in the near vacinity: Priceless!

  • 3. Groups change. It's been interesting to see the clubs on campus and how the makeup of those groups change over time. The get more members, the get less members. They're all popular, they're the outcasts. Then there are the clubs that choose what seems to be the most unlikely person as their sweetheart. And it wasn't GS that did was TCL. If you really wanna know who, email me.

    4. Why does it frustrate me that the girls in GS changed the melody of the club song up a bit? I mean, it's only two measures or so, and the words are the same. Maybe it has something to do with my musical background...I know how it's supposed to go and it's not going that way. Thankfully, this only irks me for a few days following homecoming.

    5. I have no idea how to buy baby clothes. I guess you pick up on that as needed? TC and I went to the bookstore on Saturday to buy a T-shirt for the Little Pebble. They had 6 mo., 12 mo., 1-T (I think), 2-T and maybe a 3-T. I could figure out the 6 month and 12 month, but what the heck is a 1-toddler? I guess it's just like buying adult clothes...don't worry about the size, get what fits. Oh, and we ended up getting a 12 month since the baby'll be about 8 months at the next homecoming...and maybe we can get several days of wear out of this shirt. I hear they grow out of things like crazy.

    6. I don't necessarily feel old at homecoming, but I do feel more like a grown-up than the students there. At the football game (we lost by 2 points, but they played amazingly well!), we sat next to some ladies on the basketball team. They were talking about meeting that one guy from the Church of Christ college...what was his name? How one friend was already asleep when the rest of them got back to the dorm at 4:00 am...what a bum. One girl's boyfriend plays football for the team that played the Baptist school in town...would she even get to see him this weekend? I worry about much different things...but I don't think I'd trade any of it to go back to college!

    By the way, homecoming next year is October 12-15. TC and I will be there along with the baby! I know you'll wanna come! And you better make reservations early just in case all three colleges have homecoming on the same weekend again!


    Sarah, Cayley and Maddie said...

    I'm sure it would irk me too if I heard the new GS girls singing the song differently than we did. Glad it's not bugging you anymore!

    With baby clothes, there's no telling what they'll fit into. At 15 months Cayley is still fitting nicely into 9-12 month clothes. They didn't even start fitting her until after her birthday either. But I know of other toddlers her age already fitting into 2T and 3T! The 12 month size was probably a good bet. I've never heard of 1T--maybe it's 12-24 month?

    snarflemarfle said...

    I don't really know if there was a 1-T or not. I was completely out of my element!

    Betsy said...

    I am sorry I couldn't be there. The baby clothes thing is kind of confusing. It gets easier.