Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Cooties and Other Stuff

I'm pretty sure I used TC's toothbrush yesterday. His is red and mine is orange. We need to start requesting red for me and blue for him at the dentist from now on. And to be fair in the spreading of the cooties, I know the reason I used his is because the other one was wet...so the dry one had to be mine.

Oh, well. If he does have cooties, I'm definitely "infected."

On a baby-related note, according to my FertilityFriend calendar, I'll be in the third trimester on Sunday. How's that for moving right along?

We're going crib shopping this weekend and I'm really excited. I've found one that I really like...let's hope that the store can get me that style...and that TC likes it!

And I think the baby's moved a bit. I normally get the kicks in my upper-right abdomen. Now, they're more toward the middle and left. We've got a little acrobat in there, all right!


Betsy said...

Wow! I can't believe you will be starting your third trimester. Time certainly does fly.

I am expecting a call in the next couple of weeks that I have a new neice or nephew. Sister C is at the point now where she goes to the doctor every week!

^starshine said...

Yeah third trimester!! Soon you will be posting about baby poop and boobie leakage! :)

Mrs. Belle said...

You are moving right along! Wow! Fun times!

Mama C-ta said...

Yay the "fun" trimester. If there is one! Actually it was the only one I liked!!

Crib shopping, how fun. Hope you show some pics of the nursery!