Thursday, November 03, 2005

D'Niss needs a bath!

D'Niss III is my car...she's a Nissan (and yes, my third Nissan).

And she is in serious need of a bath!

Monday as I was going to lunch, the highway was backed up. Strange for it to be that backed up at 11:15 am! Apparently, a truck lost a bag of some kind of white mineraly stuff (it looked like caliche dust) and it was all over the road. There was the crazy white "fog" and it was making everyone slow down. And it was sprinkling.

So, my pretty white D'Niss had white spots all over her. Ugh.

This morning, I got behind a garbage truck. And it was stanky! And it threw some wet, sludgy stuff on my car.


I guess I'll be going to the Boomerang Car Wash after work.

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