Saturday, November 19, 2005

Productive Day!

Wow! I'm pooped! And I think we might have melted TC's credit card.

After the baby shower, TC and I went to lunch (Sushi!!!) and then we were off to Babies R Us. I wanted to go ahead and get a travel system stroller. We ended up getting the one in clover (I don't know why the travel system isn't on the website, but you get an idea of the color). So, now we have a car seat/carrier and a stroller. The stroller can then be used for a toddler after s/he grows out of the carrier. We'll have to go back later and get the pack-n-play. I want to use that as a bassinet for a little while.

After Babies R Us, we headed off to Storkland. We found a crib and combo dresser we like. We decided not to get the hutch that goes on top of the combo. And we got it in the cherry finish to match all the dark molding in our house. They're ordering it and it will be in between 2 to 12 weeks. The guy though, doesn't think it'll take too long as Baby's Dream is pretty quick about shipping.

Then, as a nice bit of serendipity, I went online to find pictures of these things so I could email them to my sister. On the Baby's Dream website, I noticed that the crib we just paid for was on sale...and that wasn't the price we paid for it. I called and asked about it and the salesman said, "Oh. They have a $50 off coupon on the website. Just bring us the coupon and we'll credit your account." The difference between what we paid and the sale price was only $30, but the coupon was for $50 the purchase of a crib and a dresser/chest. So, we hopped back in the car and now have $50 back. Woo hoo!!!


^starshine said...

Very very nice miss marfle!! Baby snarfle has some cute stuff!

When everthing comes in and you can finally put baby's room together, you will experience a moment of "Oh My God, we are really having a baby!"

Of course this will happen again when you put the car seat in the car, pack your bag for the hospital...


^starshine said...

I thought that crib looked familiar. DD#1 has it in oak with the dark cherry finish on the top rail. Did you guys get it with the bottom drawer? It is a very sturdy crib, not mention it has held up well for the past 4 years as a crib and toddler bed.