Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another Friend!

I got a really cool birthday present from my friend K yesterday. It was a really nice framed picture and poem. The poem was about "She Who Rubberstamps" and the artwork was a drawing of this lady stamping. She also included a wax lion!! How awesome is that?

For those of you that may not have been a fan of the short-lived Wonderfalls, this show was on Fox a few years ago. They only aired 3 episodes. The premise of the story is that inanimate objects talk to the main character. The object that started the whole thing was a smoosh-faced lion. TC and I really enjoyed this show and K is convinced that the reason it was cancelled is because she liked it. Apparently that happens whenever she really likes a show.

Eventually, a DVD was produced that had all 13 episodes. Yes, we bought it. We've recently seen the last few episodes and I'm sad it's over now. But I have this cute little wax lion to remind me of all the good times...and of K's and my mutual enjoyment of the show.

Should I also mention that K has given me two other "friends" as gifts? The first one, Tuck the Hamster, she gave me in I could have a friend while TC spent three months in Seattle. Last year, she gave me Pizzazz for a birthday gift. I have since gotten Tuck a friend...Nip the Hamster and Kringle the Dog.

So, for your viewing pleasure, here are a few pictures (taken with my handy dandy palm pilot...excuse the quality)...

Back row (L to R): Pizzazz, Wax Lion
Front row (L to R): Kringle, Nip, Tuck

And a close up of the famed Wax Lion...

And nobody better say anything about this almost-30 year old having toys on her desk!!!

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