Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hospital Bag!

Yep, I've already started putting things in my bag to go to the hospital. Right now, there's not too much in it...see?

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Isn't that little suit thing the cutest? It's so soft and has a nice fluffy lining. We got it at Old Navy this weekend. The baby will need something warm to wear home from the hospital. Sure wish they made an adult version of this! Anyway, I've got that suit and the blue thing on the bottom right? Oh, that's a massager. Thought I'd throw that in for good measure. And there's a pair of socks in there, but no one wants to see my socks!

You might have noticed that the bag is pink. No, it's not a clue as to the sex of the baby. This is my bag...I'm a girl...I like pink! My monogram is actually behind the left arm of the little suit. And yes, the bag is huge. It's one of those really nice Land's End bags. I thought it would be good for taking to work...except I could fit a small person in there! So, I'll stick with my medium Land's End bag for work.


Jen said...

I love that outfit! I just got Sweet Pea's from UPS yesterday:-)

Mama C-ta said...

That outfit is very cute! A newborn will look adorable in it. I was packed up and ready to go like 2 months before I was due! I also had one of those blue massagers but my labor was miserable it never got used :(