Monday, December 05, 2005

Mr. & Mrs. Boring McSnore

Well, I guess it wasn't that bad.

We set up our baby registry at Target and Babies R Us. I quickly realized that not knowing the gender of the Little Pebble left us to registering for necessities...or at least those things we thought were necessities! There's the breast pump (now who in the world do I think will buy that for me?!?), some bottles, outlet covers, etc. We did register for a few onesies (in green and yellow of course) and for some toys. And due only because of a post by ^starshine we registered for wrist rattles. That lead to a registry addition of some cute little sock rattles.

. . .

I have noticed a new problem that I must absolutely get over. Maybe it'll go away after we have the baby and I know the gender. I'm having a hard time getting attached to some of the cutsey little animals all over baby stuff. Can you not get a baby outfit that's just a solid color without printed or embroidered animals in silly poses? I'm sure it's just me...I don't much like stuff printed on my clothes either. Yes, I have some shirts that have a print on them, but what's up with that dang duckie? Ok...maybe it was just a moment of hormones. There were some little duckies that were kinda cute. I'm just not used to buying baby stuff. This was even evident in trying to figure out which bedding to get. TC selected the one we have now because it was "more elegant" looking. I'm guessing that "elegant" babies have to wear designer fashions...and those probably cost alot more and can't be found at Target! Goodness help my poor child.

But don't worry...we will always go out in public fully dressed. And by that I mean a top and bottoms. No going around with just a shirt and a diaper!


^starshine said...

I hope you guys had some fun putting together your registry. And to answer your question, no they don't make anything without some sort of critter on it. Carter brand seems to be the most tolerable of critter clothing.

off to check out your registry!

Mrs. Belle said...

I am the same way! I have found that I can tolerate an outfit with one duck or one cow, but not multiples. You acn find them, you just have to look hard!

Amanda said...

I agree about the animal print too! And Carter does have cute animal stuff-they tend to do it in moderation.