Monday, January 30, 2006

Now that's attractive!

I was just talking to TC on the phone and he asked me if I was ok. My voice is all kooky with this sore throat. I told him I was fine, it was just my throat.

Then, he tells me, "Yeah, you've been snoring for the last few weeks. Your nose must be stopped up and draining into your throat. That's probably what's causing it!"

So, I wasn't dreaming when I woke up and thought I was snoring.

Sexy, huh?


Anne said...

i snored the last weeks of my pregnancy. it goes away.

Jen said...

LOL...I've been waking myself up making strange muttering noises for weeks now. I have been attributing it to my stuffy pregnancy nose making me have to breathe through my mouth. The air is so dry I'm also drinking water every time I wake up. Which of course leads to more trips to the bathroom.
They say these last few weeks of little sleep are to prepare you for the sleepless nights ahead, but I think they are just to torture you;-)

MommyLuv said...

I still say February 2. Can hardly wait...stay rested and hang in there. Can't say I know how you are feeling - Babyluv came two weeks early - a total surprise - water broke and two hours later she was delivered via c-section (breech baby). No patience needed on our part.

Carissa said...

Tomorrow (2/1) is my oldest child's 7th birthday so that's my new vote! :)