Friday, February 03, 2006

Appointment Update


Blood Pressure: 132/80
Pee: Good
Weight Gain: +1 (overall: 21.5 lbs)

Another relatively uneventful appointment. The doctor checked the heartbeat and it was good. The baby's still head down. The only reason I even remotely think about the baby's position is because I was born frank breech (that means butt first, for those not in the know).

The doctor called the nurse in for the internal. He said, "So, have you been thinking 'dilation'? Of course, I don't think you can dilate any more without going into labor!" And, nope, no change according to him.

I can tell you that we will have the baby by the due date. He won't let me go past my due date in this present condition. So, in no more than two weeks, I'll get to hold my little baby.

That doesn't sound so bad...


^starshine said...

Bring that belly up to the monitor...

Pssttt it be a little possible for um you to um.....GET OUT OF THERE!!!!!!!!!! Your mommmy maybe the picture of sanity and calmness....but the rest of us are all twisted up with anticipation!!!

okay...bye love!

Sarah, Cayley and Maddie said...

Glad you and the little one are bothe continuing to do well, but come on labor!

Carissa said...

Sounds good!

Do you know if the head is engaged in your pelvis yet? If so, baby isn't likely to flip positions anymore.

I'd spend the whole weekend taking advantage of DH to try to coax that little one out! ;-)

I'll lay my new bet on 2/8 - that's my youngest's birthday!