Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I took a meal over to some friends that had a baby girl last week (kid number three). I feel like quite the housewife with my casserole and bagged salad with fixins...and don't forget the cookies.

I made cowboy cornbread and I hope they like it. It's just ground beef mixed with rotel, topped with grated cheese and topped with cornbread with creamed corn mixed in. It's yummy...and it's TC's recipe. He doesn't like casseroles, but he loves this.

I also took a bagged salad and cut up some tomatoes and cucumbers. I also included some more shredded cheese and a small bottle of dressing. Oh, and I took over some salsa in case the dad likes his food spicy. I knew the mom wouldn't want spicy. And yes, I baked up a batch of break-and-bake cookies. I had to complete the meal!

I remember how extremely appreciative these meals were and I hope that I was able to bring a little relaxation to their household.

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