Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Two Months

The two month appointment went well. He's 11 lbs 12 oz now and 22 inches long. His head size is still in the 25th percentile and his weight is still in the 50th. His length, however, is in the 10th percentile. The pediatrician said not to worry much about that because he thinks that sometimes the nurses don't get the little ones stretched out enough. Since X-man's weight and everything else looks good, the length thing is not a problem.

Yes, he got his immunizations...3 shots, 5 vaccines. He's got cute little spiderman band-aids on his thighs.

He gave a nice big holler with each shot. And he looked at me like, "What are they doing to me?!?" I only welled up...didn't actually drop a tear...even though I really wanted to. He only fussed for about 5 minutes and then fell asleep. I went ahead and gave him some Tylenol to stay on top of the possible fever. Right now, he's happily sucking on his fist in the bouncy seat.

Make that crying in the bouncy seat.

Gotta go...


Carissa said...

Have you tried nursing him *at the same time* they are giving him the shots? It REALLY helps. (Breastfeeding during a painful procedure such as a heel-stick for newborn screening provides analgesia to infants.
- American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement on breastfeeding)

If they only need one in each leg and you have two nurses, then sometimes they don't even cry if you nurse at the same time! (And if they need more than one shot, ALWAYS get two nurses to get it over faster!)


Amanda said...

Didn't it just break your heart? I nursed Eli right after they gave him the shots, and it calmed him down right away.

snarflemarfle said...

I actually thought about nursing him afterwards, but we are just 5 minutes away from home. And he stopped crying before I was through paying.

I did nurse him when we got home...

Carissa said...

Do it at the SAME TIME as they are giving the shots. I'd usually get my little ones latched on before the nurse had the needles ready.

AND a really good doc will usually let you stay in the room for a couple of minutes afterwards to nurse!