Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ahhh, Summertime

^starshine's post from yesterday talked about summer being here. I'm feeling the same thing.

Yesterday I bought a watermelon at the grocery store. I was cutting it up yesterday and it just smelled like summer. I had some for lunch today and boy did I get that distinct summer feeling.

I also had a bowl of cream of wheat for lunch (I know, weird lunches these days...I eat like a 10 year old). Now that made me think that I really needed to have the Bozo the Clown show on the tv, Paw-Paw (mine, not X-man's) at his desk and Grandmother in the kitchen cooking up something fabulous for lunch. Every summer until we just got too busy to do it, my sister and I would spend two weeks around this time in Louisiana with our mom's parents. They were so fun and adorable. Cream of Wheat was the customary breakfast for us. For Paw-Paw it was a banana and a cup of coffee. Sometimes they'd have All-Bran. We always did some fun craft with Grandmother. Learning to crochet, learning to braid, learning to shuffle cards, decorating cakes, making taffy (I sure do love me a good taffy pull) and other fun stuff that was special to Grandmother and Paw-Paw.

Little memories like that make me sad that they didn't get to meet TC. They would have really liked him. I also wish that they could have met little X-man. They'd all have a great time!

Ahhh, summertime.

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^starshine said...

Awe...what sweet memories! My Grandparents would watch CNN everytime I would go over there.

I'm sure X-man will have a great time spending his summers with his cousin. I'm sure Mel will be taking him around all over the place.