Saturday, May 27, 2006

I feel pretty...

...Oh, so pretty!

I have my nails done! For the first time since X-man was born. I told him that I felt like a pretty girl. He just looked at me with that silly grin of his where he sticks his tongue out and his mouth grins around it.

I just finished and they're (almost) perfect and completely dry. I tried that new instant manicure from Avon. They're $8 per set, but they're on special for two sets for $8.99. And I found a code for free shipping so I went ahead and ordered two sets just to try them out. I'm a little bummed I forgot to go through ebates though. Oh, well...45 cents (where has the cents sign gone on the keyboard? what replaced it?) isn't that much in the long run...especially when I'm getting $17 back from our laptop we got from Dell a few weeks ago!

Anyway, I was a little skeptical as to how these would work, but they work pretty well! They give you 8 little strips per hand so you can get a more perfect size fit for each nail. It's still not really "one size fits all," but it's close enough. TC couldn't tell that some of my nails weren't completely covered. He thought they looked nice.

The strips are actual polish with some kind of sticky on the back. And if you're careful, they're repositionable until you get them on straight. I did manage to rip one as I was peeling it off the backing, though. Because of that, I had to use the smaller thumb strip on my right thumb. Again, I don't think anyone will notice the incomplete coverage...'cept me. I am going to need to take an orange stick and go around the edges just to make sure they're down and not sticking up. No biggie.

So, I've got a nice manicure on my nails that are still growing nicely thanks to my continual usage of the prenatal vitamins. (Hey, the vitamins don't make me queasy so I might as well keep taking them.) I don't have to worry about smudging or otherwise messing them up while the baby's in tow. But I'm not likely to spend $8 for a set of these. My own polish job is free ('cause I've already paid for the polish) and if I'm going to spend more money than "free," I want to pay someone to do my nails so I can get the little hand massage that goes with it!

I'll give two nicely manicured thumbs up on the instant manicure!

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AnCient RunaWay said...

I was curious and googled avon instant manicure, and they have a video to promote it :D it's soo cool :D although you're right and 8 bucks is too much it's a fun idea :D