Tuesday, June 20, 2006

So many new things!

I don't think I can wait for the 5 month update to tell you about all the new things X-man's doing! He's getting really good at reaching for things...and trying to take them straight to his mouth. When I give him tummy blats, he can usually get a nice big handfull of hair. And he can reach the toys we have hanging off his car seat handle! When did he get big enough to do that?!?

He's getting really good at scooting out of his diaper when I'm trying to change it. That's just too funny...for a few seconds. Then it gets scary. He's a "wee fountain" sometimes.

His smiles, if it's possible, are getting bigger. They go from one ear to the other and his little tongue just wags in the middle.

He's really intrigued with faces and will reach out to whatever face is closest. He puts his hands in my mouth all the time and likes it when I blat on his palms. That can usually get me a good giggle.

When he's nursing, he's started to grab on to my shirt and pull it over his face...almost as if he's trying to keep me modest. And he really likes to hold on to my fingers while he's eating. He's been doing that for a while, but when someone gives him a bottle, he's starting holding on to their fingers, too. Oh, and when my dad fed him this weekend, X-man put his little hands up around the bottle (you know, that's usually what he does when I'm nursing) and my dad just thought it was so cute...him trying to hold the bottle. So what could have been a 20 minute eating session turned into 45 minutes. Oh well. My dad enjoyed it and X-man still got his lunch.

I'm also impressed with his longest crib nap to date. It's been almost an hour! I better tackle that vacation laundry before he wakes up.

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