Monday, July 03, 2006

It pays to complain

But we didn't know that it would be so much!

Last week, we went to dinner with a high school friend of mine (Hiya, Steph!) that was in town for work. We took her to a great seafood restaurant in town that we've been to many times before, always with great food and service.

Not so much on the great service this time.

We sat down and started visiting and it was taking a really long time for someone to come get our drink order. The hostess that seated us actually asked us if we'd been helped.

"Nope," said TC. The hostess took our drink order and a few minutes later our waitress showed up.

She took our order and my friend wanted a shrimp cocktail. Ms. Waitress brought the shrimp over and they decided they'd jump ship. Yep...she spilled it. No biggie, though. It didn't get on X-man and she caught the cocktail sauce so none of that spilled. I laughed it off and told her it was ok, at least she didn't spill it on me (I have had a Presidente Margarita from Chili's shaken all over me!). The poor girl just looked at it for probably 30 seconds and said she was such a klutz, such a klutz, she didn't want to touch it. I was beginning to wonder if she'd actually clean it up.

Ms. Waitress finally came to her senses and used her hands to clean up the shrimp and shreded lettuce. I used a napkin to wipe up the rest. Then she asked, "Would you like another one?"

Ummm...Steph does not want to eat the one you spilled on the table! What a weird question. Of course she wants another one!

That was it for the strangeness, except for TC having to ask for crackers to break open the crab legs...TC and Steph both got crab legs.

Anyway, TC decided that he wanted to email the restaurant and tell them about this...his main problem being the waitress asking us if we wanted another shrimp dish and not really cleaning up the mess.

I got a call from a manager last week and talked to her about the incident. I told her that it would not be the last time we visited (there's no where else in town to get a good crawdad boil). We just wanted them to know about the poor service. Ms. Manager was very apologetic and did say that Ms. Waitress was new...and apparently really upset several customers that evening.

On Saturday we got a letter in the mail from the restaurant...with $50 in gift certificates.

Oh, we'll be back!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you got something for all the trouble we had that night. Other than the spilling incident the night was great. It was so good to see you, TC and to meet X-Man.

Jessica said...

Woo hoo! Free gift certificates are always great! :) Sucks you had such bad service though...hopefully it is much better the next time you go.