Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Photos & Other Stuff

I broke down and ordered "baby's first photos" from the place that came to the hospital and took X-man's picture the day after he was born. At the time, I had decided that we really didn't need them. I think that was mostly because I didn't think they'd turn out so well since it was right after X-man had been in a real foul mood (read that: he'd just had a little snip done). However, something must be happening to me because I've started trying to remember how small X-man was when he was born and little things like that. I can't really remember how much room he took up on my lap as I nursed him those first few weeks. Of course, that crazy football hold the nurses taught me at the hospital...which required every pillow in the room...was weird and I used it for the first few days until my mom came up. Thankfully she showed me the more traditional hold (well, the one you imagine if you ever imagine a woman breastfeeding) and that was MUCH better. I try to just picture how small he was when I would hold him up to my chest, when I would change his diaper, when we would bathe him and so on. We have pictures to remind me what he looked like then and I know that 5 months isn't all that long. But for whatever reason, I feel like we haven't documented it in the way we should have. I'm not real sure why I'm worried about that. Having my little baby in my lap is much better than a picture any day. Hmmm...maybe I should go take some pictures of him napping!

So I guess there's a little nostalgia issue going on. I called and ordered the pictures and I should be getting them in the next few weeks. With my order comes a free year of "membership" in some kind of coupon club where they'll send me junk mail with coupons and such. Maybe there'll be something good in there! Oh, and I get a free one-year subscription to Ladies Home Journal and Parents Magazine. Yippee...

. . .

X-man is sleeping a bit better. After we stopped swaddling, the first few days were no problem, but in the last few weeks, he's been waking up in the night. Last Thursday night, he was awake at 10:00 pm and then every thirty minutes after that until 1:30 am. I'm trying to correct the problem with a bath every night (instead of every other night), not putting him down for a nap until he is absolutely tired and then feeding him at 7:30 pm instead of 7:00. It seems to be working because last night he woke up at midnight, but before I could even get to his room, he was back to sleep. And then he slept until 4:30 am! Woo hoo for the extra sleep!!!

And I know this will all be shot to heck when he starts getting teeth...which I thought was happening yesterday. I saw what looked like a really little blister on the front top of his gums. Yes, I know that bottom teeth usually come in first. Anyway, I felt up there and couldn't really tell anything but could still see the little white blister. Then last night? I checked again before his bath and the blister was gone. Is it possible that the tooth was cutting through and then went back up? I'll just keep watching it.

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