Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My mom rocks!

Last Wednesday, X-man decided that he was too grown up to take a nap in his crib. I guess that's what he was thinking. I dunno. But he would drift off to sleep in my lap and then the second a body part touched the crib mattress, he would wake up and scream...or laugh at me.

Thursday my family got here and again, he didn't like the napping in the crib. Now, he wasn't overly fussy and he giggled and played very well, but you could tell he was tired. Friday he slept but it was mostly in the car seat when we went out or it was in my mom's lap or sister's shoulder. Saturday and Sunday were repeats. Then on Monday, mom managed to get him to fall asleep on the blanket on the floor. I've only seen him fall asleep while playing two other times. He's too much like me...afraid he's going to miss something...like the firetrucks and ponies are coming out as soon as he's asleep.

Anyway, the little nap on the floor lasted two hours! I managed to get him to take another 30 minute nap on the floor that afternoon.

Today? So far, he's taken a 1 hour nap and we both took a 1.5 hour nap. Ahh...nice! And would you believe he's taking another nap? It's only been about 10 minutes, but sheesh! This kid must be worn out.

I don't think he's feeling very good either. But I'm only guessing that from his diaper contents. I won't go into details, but it's not pretty. He doesn't have a fever, he's not acting lethargic and he's eating like a champ. I'm not sure what's up...maybe teeth?

And since we're talking about sleeping, X-man's gone three nights where we haven't had to get up to calm him down. I've heard him fuss a bit, but he's gone right back to sleep. And last night I got to sleep all the way until 4:00 am before he needed to eat again. I love my sleep.

As if on cue, guess who just woke up...

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