Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's Possessed!

What is up with my television?

This morning, after I got X-man all situated for his breakfast, I picked up the remote (that came with the cable box) and pushed the TV power button. Nothing. Pushed it again, nothing.

The little red light was lighting up on the remote, but still I thought that maybe the batteries were getting low.

After X-man was through eating, I got up and got the other remote. This is the one I bought for TC that allows you to program up to 10 different remotes into this one big remote. Snazzy!

Anyway, the power button on that remote didn't do diddley either.

Not to worry...I do know how to work the TV from the buttons on the actual TV. I push the power button and MTV is blaring at me (we were watching True Life last night). Well guess what? The volume button doesn't work on either remote. At this point, I haven't thought to get the remote for the TV. I walk up to the TV and push the volume button.

The TV starts switching from Video 1 to Video 2 to Video 3 to Video 4 and keeps going. It stops and then starts going through the channels. That stops and the volume goes up and then goes down.

I'm a little freaked out.

I called TC and he asked me if our neighbor was at the window with another remote laughing at me. Now that really freaked me out...the thought of someone watching me from a window!! Then he asked me if I broke the TV and we needed to go out tonight (and skip church band rehearsal) to buy a new one. He's been looking at HDTVs...that's going to be our Christmas present.

After we determined that none of the remotes were pointing at the TV and X-man wasn't eating any of them, we tried to figure out the problem. The TV would try to go into Auto-Program mode and then quit. It would try again and then quit. I could change the channels with the remote, but not change the volume or turn off the TV.

TC said he would come home and perform an exorcism later this evening.

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