Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A little change in schedule

I don't know how long X-man's been on the nurse-every-three-hours schedule. A long time, that's for sure! And it was just two months ago that we dropped the 3 AM nursing.

Well the last few days I've noticed that he doesn't seem to eat too much at each nursing. Oh, he'll eat plenty at 7:00 AM, but after that, he's not on much longer than 15 minutes total sometimes!

So, this mamma decided that we might need to drop a nursing and add a baby food lunch and maybe he'll eat a little more at a time.

Today has worked out beautifully! He nursed at 7:15, had fruit at 9:00, napped from 9:30 to 10:30 (!!!!!) and nursed at 11:00. He ate really well and I think the longer stretch helped. I gave him some veggies around 1:00 with my lunch and he's currently asleep (been that way for almost 30 minutes!).

Going from every 3 to every 4 hours sure does open up a lot longer time we can be away from the house without worrying about someone getting hungry!

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