Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Very Merry 9-Month Day to You!

While it's not technically correct, you've been out as long as you cooked! Thinking back on it, these past 9 months flew by much faster than my pregnancy. Man, I wish you wouldn't grow up so fast!

You are doing great at getting up on your knees. There's no actual crawling yet, but I know it's coming. Your scooting is getting really fast and if I'm not paying attention to you, you can scoot over to something you're not supposed to be playing with (my pump) faster than I can read an email. And I can read pretty fast.

You've started waving at people now. It started out as a twist of your wrist which is just adorable. Now, you open and close your fingers. Sometimes you'll just watch your fingers open and close. It's almost like you're thinking, "Wow! I'm making those move myself!"

Pat-a-cake is a really fun game and you can do the "roll it up" part all by yourself. You look so proud of yourself when you roll your little hands around.

You have added nananana and lalalala to your vocabulary. And the surest way to get you to say mama is to ask you to say dada. Daddy thinks it's a conspiracy!

Your squeals are just adorable. It sounds like you're inhaling air and you do it when you're really excited about something. Could be anything from a piece of paper on the floor to bath time. You're relatively easy to entertain.

Speaking of bath time, you're just now starting to really play in the tub. You sit up in your baby tub and you can splash the water. That gets some great big giggles out of you and daddy both.

Your naps are getting better, too. And you've even started taking them in your crib.

You took your first trip to the museum today with Aunt J who came up for the weekend to visit you. You were such a good boy at the museum.

What about those teeth? Are you ever gonna get any? I'm not complaining because it makes the nursing much easier if I'm not worried about being bitten. We don't see any signs of teeth, but I'll ask the pediatrician on Monday.

You have been a bit clingy lately. You almost don't want to play on the floor if you're not in my lap or daddy's lap. But if you can get interested in something to play with, then your fine for a while.

You still have the most beautiful blue eyes. They're as blue as your daddy's and they just melt my heart. But for complete meltdown, all I need is one of your slobbery kisses. You'll look up at me with your mouth wide open and then pull whatever part of my face you can get toward your mouth. Let the kissing commence!

And boy how you flirt! I think you've got a little girlfriend in the grocery store checker I usually go to. You just grin and giggle at her while she's checking our cart. It's too cute!

You are just the most fun toy ever! Daddy and I love playing with you. And you're a smart cookie, too.

Please don't grow up too fast. I love you, little one!


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