Saturday, December 09, 2006

Big Ball's in Cowtown

*X-man's going to love me for this post...

Yesterday afternoon, I changed X-man's diaper and noticed a small, pinky fingernail-sized spot of what looked like blood in the area of his "boy parts." So, being the smart girl I am, I called my dad (seeing as he's a pharmacist and everything). Dad said not to worry about it unless it happened again. While I do trust my dad, I went ahead and called the pediatrician anyway. The nurse relayed all my information to the doctor and called back to say that it was most likely due to ureic crystals (I'm not even going to check to see if I spelled that right) and not to worry about it unless it happened again. So, I didn't worry about it.

This morning TC and I were changing a diaper and there was another spot. And then another spot at 1:30. I called the pediatric triage nurse line and left my info then headed off to church band rehearsal while TC stayed home with X-man.

The nurse called me back and had no idea what would cause it, but suggested we go to the after-hours clinic that is a part of our hospital (the pediatrician's office is connected with the hospital). 4:30 we headed to the clinic. I relayed all the information again to a nurse and she brought in the doctor. Mr. Lei was very soft spoken and I had to really strain to hear what he was saying...and then translate through a very thick Asian accent.

It was determined we needed a urine sample from the little one. And if we couldn't just collect it, they'd have to catheter him. Ugh! I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy!

So, out comes the pediatric U-Bag. It's a little bag with a big sticker on the end that goes over the potty parts. So, the nurse puts that bag over X-man's merchandise (the nurse's choice of words) and asks me if we have anything for him to drink. Since he hadn't had much of his bottle while I was at rehearsal, I went ahead and nursed him. About 20 minutes later we finally had peeage.

X-man was a trooper while they pulled that giant sticker off his parts. I'm just glad there wasn't any hair or that would have been really unpleasant!

They ran lab work on it and yes, there was a trace amount of blood in the urine. They sent it off for a culture to see if there is any bacteria...of course, if there is, his current antibiotic will most likely kill it.

The Dr. Lei said that we'd need to have him rechecked with his pediatrician and I got a copy of the lab work. We do have an appointment on Friday for a flu booster and an ear recheck. I guess we might just have to add a urine sample to that. I better take a bottle of apple juice or something since he's appointment's right after he normally nurses.

It has been a long day and I feel like such an adult.

Now, who doesn't have the "Big Ball's" song in their head?


^starshine said...

Poor guy!! And yes, he is going to love this post! LOL!!

Stubbed My Toe said...

If you are going for truly soul crushing, therapy inducing, embarrassment, don't forget the photos.