Tuesday, December 26, 2006

He eats that stuff?

TC went with us to the grocery store today. Since we've been having a particularly hard time getting X-man to eat any of the baby food meat (but who could blame him?), TC asked if he might be able to eat the meat sticks that gerber makes.

They're little sausage-like pieces of pressed meat. Yum.

We went ahead and got a jar of chicken sticks and meat sticks. We skipped on the Turkey.

Can you believe that X-man just ate up those sticks? The first one we gave to him whole and he just squished the heck out of it. We cut up the rest of them and he really enjoyed feeding himself.

We went to Target and got a few more jars of the stuff.

I told TC later that I would have never thought to get that for X-man for several reasons:

1. Yuck! They just look gross.
2. I would be too afraid that X-man would choke on them while I was at home by myself.
3. There is no way in heck that X-man is old enough to eat that stage of food.

I'm glad that we've found some other food that he'll eat since he's been pretty unexcited about anything but fruit since his month-long ear infection.

But did it have to be this pressed meat stuff? Oh, well. Whatever works!


scribbit said...

Sounds like my kids. I fed them those Vienna sausages when they were little and they loved them. Yum for processed meat!

KrisAndRod said...

What an idea! I need to try that, as Miss V is getting all her protein from dairy products.