Thursday, December 07, 2006


X-man has another ear infection...or it's a continuation of the one he had before Thanksgiving. Either way, I'm sure now he's destined to have ears like his mamma.

Yesterday he started pulling on his ear, he had some congestion and he wasn't eating very well. I called the pediatrician and got him an appointment for this morning.

He's got a raging infection in his right ear and the other one is infected also. Since we don't know if this is infection #3 or just more of #2, Doctor L. went ahead and prescribed a different antibiotic.

X-man's been super huggy/cuddly today. I love that! But I don't like that he's sick. And he just looks pitiful. His eyes look so tired and he just acts a little slower than his usual full-energy self. He's on his third nap now...the first one was after we got back from the doctor's office since that visit came right in the middle of his nap. Of course, that nap was taken in my lap. I just couldn't stand to take the sick thing back to his own bed. Besides, he was warm and I was cold!

He's had a dose of Tylenol (even though his fever is only 100.9 and the nurse said she wouldn't give Tylenol until it was over's close enough for this mamma!) and now he's asleep in his crib.

I called my parents and asked them if every baby looked as pitiful when they were sick. Mom said yes...and that it was a shame that X-man didn't know what kind of a power he had over me with that pitiful look.

Here's hoping that X-man perks up quickly!


MommyLuv said...

Babyluv didn't get her 1st ear infection until she was 14 months old, but she has certainly made up for it. She now gets one about every 4 months. They are not fun!! She, too gets clingy when she is sick, but I don't mind one bit. Give X-Man a big hug from us!!!

^starshine said...

That sucks! Do you think perhaps controling the sinus activity would help with the ear infections?