Thursday, January 04, 2007

Now let's try Omnicef

Do you know what Omnicef is? If you guessed an antibiotic for another ear infection, then you would win the prize.

If I had one.

Last week's visit to the pediatrician's office told us that his ears had finally cleared up (they'd been infected since December 7th) but it was possible that one could flare up again.

Well, it flared up.

I kept today's appointment that I had made before Christmas for an ear recheck even though we went last week. I wanted to make sure an ear infection hadn't snuck in.

Poor guy gets to try has a plesant strawberry flavor. Nice. Thankfully the doctor had some samples so I have a 10 day supply and I'll have to mix it up myself and make my own suspension.

We are going next week to the otologist and I'm just positive that tubes are in the future. My otologist's office has 5 pages of patient information to fill out that can be downloaded from their website. It's nice to be able to fill out this stuff before the appointment so I don't have to sit with X-man and the clip board trying to fill everything out! And, good thing I have been putting all this in my blog and I can write down exactly when the ear infections happened, what was taken when, etc. Of course, they can get all this from his medical records, but won't I look like the overly anal mom knowing the exact dates of all the infections, which antibiotics were taken and in what order!

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^starshine said...

Pretty soon, you'll be able to rattle off more antibotic names than your parents can! LOL!!

Hopefully the ear Doctor will be able to get to the cause of all these infections and your baby will finally get some relief!