Thursday, January 18, 2007

Out of the house

TC let me go get a haircut this evening. I could tell I needed it because X-man could grab onto the hair on my neck. After my haircut I headed over to Target because I decided today that X-man has outgrown the size 3 diapers. And we can't make it through the next snowstorm with the size 3s. And we were almost out of wipes...and formula.

It's supposed to snow 5-12 inches on Saturday. Which is a bummer because I worked Tuesday and Wednesday night to crochet a cute little poncho to wear to TC's boss' retirement party. I was so excited to actually finish a project! I'll have to post a picture after the weekend. They're not going to cancel the party but we already have a babysitter (our neighbor) and if the roads are too bad, we'll have her come over and babysit while we go to dinner at Chili's across the street.


and rudeness said...

I hope you get to go to your party and wear your poncho. (I would love to see a pic!)

And if you dont go to the party... Take advantage of that babysitter!!

Good Luck with the snow!

and rudeness said...

Oh and congrats on getting a haircit! My little Bubba is now 27 months and I got my first haircut since she was born only 2 weeks ago!! Pfft.

scribbit said...

Your comment today cracked me up, turns out there are quite a few oddly named toys out there evidently!

Anne said...

you get snow? wah wah wah! I want a little snow is that so wrong?