Thursday, January 25, 2007

Status: Napping

We're back from the otologist's office. X-man now has tympanostomy tubes.

We got to the office and there were no other patients in the waiting room. After about 5 minutes, the nurse came out and got X-man. He looked a little sad, but didn't cry or anything. I didn't hear him for another few seconds. That's probably when they were securing him to the papoose board (that was a nice way of saying "tying him down."

He was really screaming good, then he stopped and out he came with the nurse. All done and he was great! I was even able to keep my composure. They did say that he still had some fluid in his ears...I was afraid he had gotten another ear infection after we finished the last antibiotic.

We had to go to the pharmacy to fill his prescription for antibiotic ear drops. Man, were they expensive! And my mom tells me that insurance did pay some on them (she looked up the full price) and we got the big bottle! It's a whopping 10 mL.

Now I have to change his status to awake since he just woke up. At least he slept for about 30 minutes!


^starshine said...

Glad to hear everything went okay. It is never an easy thing to see your child so stressed even when it for the benefit of his health.

scribbit said...

My mom had to deal with the tubes in the ears thing with my brother and I can't understand how I've been so lucky to never have had an ear infection in any of my kids. That's gotta be rare. I feel for you.

Amanda said...

Poor little guy-and poor mama! I'm glad you got that over with and everything is good.