Sunday, February 11, 2007

529,600 Minutes

That's a whole year's worth of minutes and that's how old you are today! Both sets of your grandparents came for the weekend and you sure did enjoy all the attention. I would have to say that your favorite present is the toy cell phone I got you. I recorded me saying, "Hello, X-man!" on it and you love to press the button that makes it sound like mamma!

You've done so much this month I can hardly believe it!

Just this last week, you've started pointing at things...mostly the goldfish crackers or the phone when it rings. You also started grinning with this cute little squenchy-face. Your grandparents loved that little squenchy-faced grin.

A few weeks ago, I was reading you one of your Bible stories and in it, it said, "Clap your hands all you people" and you clapped! I was just in awe that you actually understood what I was saying. How long has that been going on?

You've dropped a bottle so now you're getting three bottles a day and three meals, too. I think, thought that you're almost through with the middle bottle since you don't take too much more than 3-4 ounces.

How you love food off our plates! You really loved the spaghetti I made the other day. I just cut it up into little tiny pieces and you couldn't get enough. You also really enjoyed the green olive daddy gave you.

You did not like the cupcake or the icing from the cupcake that I tried to feed you yesterday. I put some icing in your mouth and you promptly made a face and spat the offensive sweet right out onto your lip. Wonder how long that's going to last?

The tubes have done wonders for you. You are so much more happy and energetic. I can't believe that you don't just fall over asleep sometimes. You are constantly on the go and constantly "talking." I can't make out any of the words just yet, but I know they're coming. And once they do, I bet there'll be no holding back!

At one year old, you still have no teeth. That gives you the cutest little toothless grin and I don't want to forget that grin. You love to have lotion put on your legs after a bath. You'll just giggle and giggle while I hold your legs up and let them slip through my hands until I'm holding just your feet. Your crawling is getting really fast. And I love how your little bottom just wiggles when you're on a mission.

You love to peek...around doors, under daddy's knees when he's sitting on the floor, through your fingers when you're covering up your eyes. Seeing you peek around the door at my gives me the giggles.

And when it comes to giving people the giggles, you sure did that this afternoon. Grandma stood you up behind your walker (which you've never taken more than three steps with before falling down) and you walked across the living room. Grandma, grandaddy, paw-paw and g-joy all laughed and clapped when you were through. So you sat down and clapped with them! This, of course, caused more clapping and laughing. The next several times you would walk across the room with the walker, you'd sit down and wait for everyone to clap and laugh! We got it all on video and I'm sure it will be a favorite!

A year ago today, I could never imagined how cute you'd be, how much fun you'd be or how much I could be in love. I've thoroughly enjoyed staying home with you and I'm really surprised it's been a whole year. I have to keep reminding myself that you're not a little tiny baby anymore. You are capable of so much...sometimes this mamma forgets just how much you've learned in this year.

I look forward to the next year and what kind of fun new things you'll learn! We'll have so much fun!

Remember that your mamma and daddy love you very much. Happy Birthday, baby!


one hot 'sista said...

Perhaps were you listening to 'Rent' when you wrote the title?!

Happy B-Day little guy!


Sarah, Cayley and Maddie said...

Great update! How he loves the little phone is just too sweet! So glad the tubes are helping so much!

Amanda said...

Happy b-day, X-man!

^starshine said...

I thought of you guys over the weekend. Has it really been a year? Just last week, we were up there seeing you guys in the postpartum unit.

Can't wait to see you guys when you come down for Tax season!

Good work little mama for surviving your first year. :)

Now prepare for the toddler years!! (insert evil laugh here!)

and rudeness said...

Awh, so sweet!

Happy Birthday little man!