Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Do you know what this is?

This, my friends, is my very last Creme Egg (wrapper)...from last Easter! Last year after Easter I was strolling through Hobby Lobby and they had their Easter candy on 50% off. I can't resist the chocolaty/creamy goodness of these things, so I picked up several (read that: 6) 4-packs. I've been almost hoarding them in the fridge; not wanting to eat one because that would mean one more gone! This weekend on a Target shopping trip, we walked by the Easter candy display and TC just reached over and picked up a 4-pack for me. What a dear!

The Cadbury Creme Egg is probably my most favorite chocolate candy ever. Sure I love dark chocolate (but the 85% dark was terrible...had to see how far I could take it!) and pretty much anything from Ethel M's, but I will turn into a little kid asking for a Creme Egg!

A few years ago for the anniversary of our first date (which was on February 24, 1995) TC got me a little gift of a coloring book, some crayons and a dozen of the little tiny creme eggs. It was so sweet! And the mini creme eggs were good, but you just didn't quite get the sugar rush as you do with the big ones!

But don't try to tempt me with any of the other flavors. It won't work. One year, I ended up with several 5-packs with the fifth egg being a caramel one. I like caramel, too, so I figured this would be delish. Not so. The caramel inside did not compare at all to the white and yellow creme in the original. But I couldn't throw them away. And when they were chopped up and mixed up inside a brownie mix, they were pretty tasty!

So, on this Fat Tuesday, indulge on something delicious and Laissez les Bonne Temps Roulez!

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