Friday, February 16, 2007

Mother's Day Out Update

So, Wednesday morning I took X-man to church and he did great! I gave the teachers all the information they needed, paid for the month and talked to a few friends that were dropping of their children.

X-man was whisked away after I gave him a quick hug and as I left the nursery area, he and two other babies were sitting in a circle looking at each other chewing on a toy. He didn't even let out a peep! Yea!

I went to the gym and did the arc trainer for 30 minutes felt great! I think the last time I went to the gym was before Thanksgiving (and I'd been going at least two times a week for quite a while!).

At noon, I was getting ready to go to a meeting and church called. X-man was having a hard time. They tried to put him down for a nap and either he wasn't ready or he was just not used to the surroundings. He got mad and then got more mad. They tried to feed him (even tried the cheerios) but that just made him more mad. Then he didn't want to be put down. And they can't hold him all day! So I went to get him. By the time I got there he had calmed down and was asleep. Poor thing slept through getting his jacket on, the trade-off and getting put in the car seat. He slept all the way home and then promptly woke up and was ready to play. He did take a pretty good nap later.

They all told me not to worry about having to get him early. It's normal for babies this age to have a little trouble with being there all day and with napping. He'll get used to it! I can certainly get used to it! Of course, for the 3 hours he was there, I was wondering what he was playing with and missing him.

But I can get used to it!

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and rudeness said...

Awh. Its hard to let them go even for a couple hours sometimes. BUT! BUT!

It really is nice to have time to your self every once in a while.

Hopefully he will get used to it and you can have more time!