Saturday, April 14, 2007

14 Months {and 3 days}

So this is a few days late. It's busy being a mamma!

There are so many cute things he's doing that I'm bound to leave one or two out. He still doesn't have any teeth, but that's good because sometimes he likes to try to eat my ankles. What's up with that? He loves to get his "teeth" brushed...I think he really just likes the taste of the toothpaste.

He's got a little plastic "o'ball" that squishes. When daddy squishes it, he makes a nice manly grunt sound. Consequently when X-man squishes the ball, he makes this really cute "aaarrggghh" noise. Or some times he'll just holler "AAAAAAAHHHHH". I couldn't figure out what he was doing at first, but when daddy was playing with him, I figured it out.

X-man is starting to figure out throwing and bouncing things. He's got a big orange Scooby Do ball that he likes to roll back and forth. He recently figured out how to pick up the ball and throw/bounce it to us. It doesn't have alot of distance on it, but he loves it and just grins when I catch the ball!

He's very helpful in turning on the lights. He loves the light switches and will excitedly point at one if we walk past it. I know that he enjoys the light going on and off in the room we're in. And sometimes he'll flip the switch and then clap at his great feat!

He's been blowing kisses, but not to everyone and it's not something he does all the time. In fact, the only place he's blown kisses is in the house. It's really adorable and just melts my heart!

My parents gave him a Peeps bunny for Easter (yes, that's a picture of his actual bunny...I'm enjoying my Photoshop!). He rarely lets it out of his sight! And when I ask him where his bunny is, he will look for it and go get it! (He also knows what "milk" is and will look for his sippy cup when I ask him where his milk is.) I've never seen him so attached to a toy. And a few days after he got the bunny, he noticed the teddy bear I've been putting in his crib. That is another buddy that goes with us all around the house. In the mornings when I get him out of his crib, he gets Teddy and holds on to him (or hands him to me) so I can get them both out! Too cute!

On his actual 14-month-day, he took several steps! He now loves to walk back and forth between daddy and me. He'll get so excited that he'll just giggle and giggle...and then he'll throw his head back in excitement...and that gets him off balance. Sometimes he can correct and stay up, but other times result in a plop on the heiny. He even has walked a few times while clapping! That is funny! Turning around is getting better and yesterday he walked from me, to our recliner (maybe 3 feet) and back to me. And since he's so young, he doesn't know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight he often weaves around looking quite drunk.

X-man is quite the jabberer. Not much of anything sounds like anything we can understand...except for mama and dada. There are times when I'll be talking on the phone and he will just talk and talk and talk! Blabbers and jabbers and all kinds of noises. And speaking of the phone, he really doesn't like it when the phone's ringing and I don't answer it. We'll be changing a diaper and the phone will ring. He'll point to his bedroom door and "unh, unh, uhn?" He knows what that noise is and wants me to see who's on the other end!

His giant hugs are quite the heartwarmer. Sometimes he'll just walk up to me or daddy and throw his arms around our neck and hang on! It's the sweetest thing and I want to hug him forever. He's perfectly ok with a two-second hug! But he likes lots of hugs so I'm ok with that!

I can't believe he's so big and every day I am just amazed at how much he can do now! He's completely off the bottle which is quite the milestone. One night we decided to put him to bed without having a bottle first. He cuddled in my lap for a bit and I put him to bed...awake. He slept fine and has done so pretty much every night ever since. I still have a monitor on in my bedroom, but there are some nights when he gets to talking in his sleep and I'll just turn the monitor off. Of course, I usually wake up an hour or so later and immediately turn on the monitor to make sure he's asleep. Mamma...always checking in!

X-man, mamma loves you!

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