Monday, April 02, 2007

My sister ROCKS!

My sister pointed out this belt (from Chico' that store!) to me at Christmas. I really liked it and she said it would go with the fun jacket she gave me. Well, for $72 it was a little too steep for me. I kept going back periodically to see if it had gone on sale and then forgot about it.

Yesterday sis told me that it was finally on sale; and for $25 and change. I was very excited and remembered that I had a $10 off coupon that Chico's had given me on my birthday. Plus, since I'm a member of their frequent buyer program I get free shipping and 5% off online purchases. After the sale and coupon and discounts, the belt cost me $15 and change!



In other X-man news, I think he was blowing kisses yesterday. It was hard to tell and we could only get him to do it a few times, but it certainly was cute!

We've also been one whole week without a bottle at bedtime. So now the kid is officially off the bottle. I just have to make sure he drinks plenty of milk during the day since he's not really a big eater.

His naps aren't going too well all the time. Sometimes I think that he may be ready for only one nap, but on those days that he just takes one nap he is super fussy and tired by 4:00 so I don't know what's up with the kid.

Since the weather is really nice, I'm going to start looking for an outdoor playground that has some baby swings. I think he'd like to do that! A friend of mine found an indoor play place here by my house that has separate areas for toddlers and older kids and it's not too expensive, so that might be fun to do, too!

I hear X-man. He's awake and squealing! I just hope he's not pulling off his pants and diaper!


Jessica said...

Blowing sweet!! I can't wait for Eli to do that! :)

one hot 'sista said...

Awww make me blush!

Stubbed My Toe said...

Wait, they'll undress themselves before they are potty trained? I'm so unprepared.

Sarah, Cayley and Maddie said...

Great deal on the belt!

Love the blowing kisses!!! Maddie started that just the other day too---adorable!

MUD said...

Just so you know, Guys only buy belts to hold up their pants. We just don't get a "pretty belt" for decoration. The last belt I got cost $9.00 at the Tractor Supply Store and will last until it wears out or the wife throws it out. MUD