Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I have a library card!

X-man and I went to the local library and got all set up in their system. As we were finishing up, the librarian (are they still called that?) said that we could sit in on the sing and play class that would be starting shortly. The age group was 2 1/2 - 4 year olds, but lots of them brought younger siblings. Sure! That'll keep him entertained.

X-man loved it! The topic for the day was orchestra instruments...harp, trombone (X-man was really excited when that picture came up!), trumpet, drums (X-man enjoyed banging on the air kettle drums) and flute. And you'll be proud of me. I didn't even visibly wince when the lady put her hands up to play the air flute and had her hands in the wrong position. They were on the total wrong side of her body and facing the wrong way. Whatever. I'm sure the kids didn't care.

He was still a little young for the group, but tomorrow's class is for 8 months to 2 years. He should fit right in!

And in the "shouldn'ta done that" department, I bought some Mother's Iced Circus Cookies at the store yesterday. I just had two as a little after lunch dessert.

Ummm...I could eat the whole bag!

But I'll refrain.


^starshine said...

How fun is that!! Sounds like you two are going to have fun.

I can never just have two cookies and be done with it. We've taken to buying those 100 calorie packs. I can have just one of those bags and stop.

Amanda said...

sounds like fun! which library did you go to?