Monday, June 11, 2007

In Stitches at 16 months!

I tell you what...that X-man keeps me laughing! (Which is good because there are times he makes me want to just pull out my hair. Like when he throws one of his colossal fits.)

He loves popcorn! And we have it frequently as a snack after his nap. I made some for him a week or so ago and I handed him the package of microwave popcorn to carry for me to the kitchen. He was definitely not pleased when I took his new "toy" and put it in that little black box. But when I hit start and it lit up inside, and his "toy" started going around in circles, and then it started making noises...he was in my arms with his eyes wide and slack-jawed! He loved it! Now, he understands that the package has to go in the microwave and he's not so mad when I take it from him fact he hands it to me!

For a week or so after he came back from being with the grandparents while we were on the cruise, he'd gasp when something was exciting or fun. I think he got that from Cuz. He hasn't done that in a few days...probably because TC nor I gasp. But it was cute while it lasted!

This kid's got some mean nose kisses. When he wants to give you an eskimo kiss, he will just fling his head from side to side. I think you could probably get a broken nose from one of his nose kisses if you weren't careful.

He's also getting really good at doing "blubble" lips. I don't know what else to call it. He takes his finger and just flips his bottom lip and makes a little "blubble" sound. He especially likes to do that when he's trying to stay awake in his crib or when he just wakes up. It's hilarious to hear that over the monitor!

His newest game is something we call "Cheerleading." Actually, my mom came up with that name. He'll walk up to you, flap his arms up and down and just holler. Then he'll run away giggling! But he doesn't have to be walking around. He'll do this in his car seat or in his high chair. And it really gets him giggling when I do it back to him! Man, he can wear me out with all the giggling we do!

He still says mama, dada and ba (ball) but now we have:

ba ba (elbow)
moo (which is more like he's vibrating his bottom lip)
ba (for a sheep sound)
kay koo (thank you)

Occasionally there are others, but nothing with any frequency.

And he's figured out about a cool new hole on his face. Yes, I can't keep his finger out of his nose! It's not like he's picking it...I really think it's just a fun place for a finger. I do have to watch him while we're having cheerios, though, or one of those puppies is likely to go right up the nose, too!


Kristin, Rod, and Victoria said...

Victoria has discovered her nose is a good place to park her finger as well... funny for boys, not so cute for girls!!! Love the "blubble" explanation - I know exactly what you're talking about!

Jessica said...

Ha Ha! X-Man is turning into quite the cute!!! :) Love hearing all about him growing's happening SO fast!