Tuesday, September 25, 2007

All Hail the TV

We seriously have too much TV to watch.

And the DVR doesn't help it any...just makes it worse. But do we change anything? Well, I watch a whole lot less TV during the day now just because X-man starts to pay attention to it and I don't want to watch kiddie TV.

Yeah, yeah...my son is 19 months old and doesn't have any idea who the Wiggles are, who the Little Einsteins are or any of that. I've decided that's not necessarily a bad thing.

So, last night (NBC Monday Premier Night) we recorded Chuck, Heroes and Journey Man. We watched Chuck and Heroes and didn't get to Journey Man. So that's waiting in the wings. Chuck was pretty cute and I actually got interested in Heroes this time. We haven't heard good reviews about Journey Man, but the main character was in ROME on HBO and we really liked him, so we're gonna watch.

Tonight we're recording The Biggest Loser, tomorrow we're recording Bionic Woman (again, haven't heard good reviews but TC is a big sci-fi fan so we're gonna watch that, too). Thursday we must record Survivor and Friday we record Flash Gordon.

We do get to watch most of these shows, just after they've recorded or started recording due to X-man's bath time of 7:00.

Oh, and on top of all of this TV that we've got ourselves watching, we got a Wii this weekend and we're both entrenched in Super Paper Mario Brothers (or whatever the name of it is). TC got the game specifically for me because he knew I'd like that type of game (I loved Super Mario on the Nintendo!).

There's just not enough time in the day to watch all this TV, play Wii and cuddle with my sweetie...and most of the time I'd just rather cuddle.

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Jessica said...

I hear ya on the "not enough time to watch TV"!! Especially when I am Tivo'ing everything I watch since I am in bed by 7:30pm! I still have all my Monday shows to watch...plus now my Tuesday shows! I did manage to watch Chuck yesterday...that looks to be a cute show. (Plus I know Sarah Lancaster from childhood) :)

Hey - Any names picked out yet for your little girl?!