Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Crafting Meltdown!

Today, since it's X-man's CDO day, I wanted to get a good bit finished on his Christmas stocking. Before TC and I got married, I made stockings for both of us. These aren't your usual stockings...they're big enough for an average-size book to fit in it...or a bottle of tequila if you've just turned 21.


I was going to make X-man's stocking with a Christmas tree on the front. A tree made out of his little hands (not his real hands, ones made out of fabric from his traced hand!). Before I went crazy and cut out 15 of those bad boys, I decided I'd go ahead and cut one pair and then sew them together and turn them rightside out just to see what kind of perfect little double-sided hand I'd have.

Terrible is the kind of little hand I had!

The fingers are all gathered up in between each other and it just looks bad. So, I'll come up with something else (probably a tree done with several triangles or something). I decided I'd go ahead and start sewing together the back of the stocking.

Well, I guess I just figured if I slapped all the pieces together (the front, the puffy stuff and the inside) it would magically come together in the right order.

I was so wrong.

If I use what I've got sewn together now, I'll have a piece of fabric that's got the wrong side of my pretty fabric out...and then the stuffing and the backing piece.

I'm off to get acquainted with my seam ripper...


Amy said...

I cannot even begin to imagine making a stocking -- you are a better woman than I!

I bet it's going to turn out super cute. Great idea to use his hands!

SarahB said...

What a cute idea to use his hand outlines!

Some ideas so you can stick with the hands...
* Try again but cut the hand with the pretty side of the fabric out (adding a narrow seam allowance, 1/8" or so). Sew the puffy sandwich together with a tight stitch. You can trim the batting down so you can't see it if you want or just cut close to the seam with pinking shears.
* Try it with felt--sort of puffy already and no sewing needed.

^starshine said...

the felt is a good idea!!

You might think about purchasing some wool felt instead of using the cheap craft felt. It has a softer hand to it and will really add to the finish piece.

And if you are in really dire this project for next week and I'll help ya out!!

snarflemarfle said...

I'm so glad I have crafty-er friends that can help out!

I really do want to use his little hand "print" so I think I'll have to go looking for wool felt.

Thank you both for your help!!