Thursday, December 13, 2007

From the Inside Looking Out

Here's what it looked like on our front walkway Monday morning after a full night of rain and below-freezing temperatures. I took this from the front window because by the time I took the picture, our power had been out for about 30 minutes and I was looking for something positive. We did have a "special" breakfast picnic in the living room (because there was more light in there) and we read lots of books to X-man.

After 3 hours of no power (poor X-man just didn't understand why the Christmas tree wasn't on...he didn't really understand the concept of "broken" and there was no way I was going to explain electricity!) we decided to go to our friends' house in a neighboring city.

We ended up spending the night there.

Our power did finally come back on Tuesday at 6:00 pm, so we had dinner with our friends and then went back home. While we were very grateful for the warm house and comfy beds at our friends' place, we all were happy to get back to our own beds. X-man even giggled when we put him down in his crib!

There are still those in our area without power and the news is saying that it could be 10 days before power is completely restored to all the homes that lost power (at one count, it was 600,000 homes in the whole state!).

Tonight we're supposed to get hit with 4-6 inches of snow, but no ice.

And I have an OB appointment tomorrow...hope they have power and the roads aren't too bad!


SarahB said...

Wow that's a lot of ice!

Hope you are able to get to your appt today with no problems!

Amanda said...

I'm glad your power came back on! That's so funny about the Christmas lights. Eli was wondering the same thing. He really wanted those lights on the tree on!